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A choice of counter or wall mounted soap dispensers and storage reservoir systems

Counter Mounted Dispensers

All Frost Start™ counter mounted soap dispensers are identical in engineering and functional performance. Select a straight spout or bent spout appearance.

The main variant is the selection of soap storage systems, depending upon your usage and preferences for storing and re-stocking liquid soap.

We offer 0.5 litre and 1 litre shatter resistant polypropylene bottles, a 0.5 litre stainlesss steel bottle and our unique flexible multifeed reservoir system.

Frost soap dispensers will operate with commercially available liquid hand soaps and deliver up to 2 ml of soap in each measure.

For heavy usage areas our multifeed systems can discreetly accomodate an unlimited number of soap dispensers with storage capacities in multiples of 5 litres offering a flexible reservoir capacity

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      Counter Mounted Soap Dispensers

  • Dispenser bodies, spouts and plungers all fabricated from solid brass components, unlike other manufacturers
  • Bright polished chrome plated finish on all external surfaces, no external fixings
  • Durable and corrosion resistant internal and external finishes
  • Tamper resistant invisible locking mechanism and 360° free turning spout
  • Impact resistant ABS threaded plastic fixing stem and flanged securing nut
  • Extensive choice of soap storage reservoir systems for diverse user requirements

      Wall Mounted Soap Dispensers

  • Single stand alone soap reservoirs with integral dispenser
  • Top filling lockable secure access
  • Durable and corrosion resistant satin finish stainlesss steel
  • Surface mounted or recessed with discreet concealed fixings
  • Vandal resistant