Auto Paper Towel Dispenser -

Auto Paper Towel Dispenser

Washrooms are increasingly being specified as "Non-touch". The new FC Frost Automatic Paper Towel Dispensers operate by a motion sensor to dispense the towels.

It uses a standard Kleenex 2 ply 130m roll that can dispense up to 600 towels per roll, a much higher capacity than standard dispensers using individual 'C' fold or interleaved towels. The length of towel dispensed is user adjustable.

The dispenser is battery operated; avoiding the need to install mains power connections, providing flexibility of washroom layout and the ability to easily retro-fit the dispenser.

Concealed locks and hinges complete a modern, uncluttered design.


High Speed Hand Dryer -

High Speed Hand Dryer

The new FC Frost High Speed Hand Dryer, (model number 02.4020) is designed as a modern, economical alternative for high use washrooms.

Its stainless steel case is a durable solution for high traffic areas and as a recessed product it has less impact on the washroom design than surface mounted units.

The high speed airflow will dry hands in approximately 10 seconds but, at 80 dBA, is quieter than many other brands on the market.

Its 900 watt motor is also more economical to run than other leading hand dryers.


Drop Down Grab Bar -

Drop Down Grab Bar

FC Frost's latest addition to its extensive grab bar range for disabled areas is the 12.4120 drop down grab bar.

It has a unique, clean, modern design and its single stainless steel bar has been tested to a 190kg loading in accordance to BS EN 12182:1999. The actual achievable weight load is dependent on the wall construction and fixings used.

It incorporates a "soft fall" mechanism for ease of use.


Behind Mirror Soap Dispenser -

Behind Mirror Soap Dispenser

Designed to complement the FC Frost Behind Mirror Paper Towel Dispensers, the new 06.3106 Behind Mirror Soap Dispenser has a 1 litre soap bottle and chrome soap valve housed in a drop down cassette for ease of re-filling.


Requiring just a 115mm cavity depth and 250mm clearance above the vanitory unit, the 06.3106 is an ideal solution. The use of the drop down cassette means that the mirror can be permanently fixed in place.

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